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PTFE finished parts and all plastics techniques  

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Performance …

Thanks to modern, high-performance machinery,
(last investment: MAZAK INTEGREX smoothX I200S 2016 + LNS bar feeder)
suitable for unit parts as well as for production series
Thanks to a dedicated computer system – CAMM
Thanks to a large stock of semi-finished products
Isoflon offers you highly reactive, flexible services

Customized production…

Isoflon can produce all types of technical plastic parts to your specifications, plans or models.
Isoflon meets the needs of all industries. Our team of specialists is here to let you take advantage of our knowledge and to provide you with technical advice .

Quality process …

Supported by its ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation, Isoflon ensures constant quality for you.

All levels of the company are involved in rigorous monitoring and control of your parts at all stages, from the price estimate to production and deliver.

Our laboratory is equiped with a CMM portable measuring arm, profile projector, material testing machine, surface roughness meter and various measurement devices.

Materials worked   |   Top of page
We produce using semi-finished products defined according to your specifications. We can help you in choosing the materials best suited to your application. We have a large stock of semi-finished products which enables us to fill orders quickly .

Examples of materials worked:

Pure virgin PTFE material specification

Filled PTFE material specification

Other fluoropolymer material specification

Other thermoplastic material specification

Types of parts   |   Top of page

Isoflon has lathes, machining centres, milling machines, drills, saws and blanking presses.
We offer machined parts with diameters of 3 to 1400 and lengths up to 300 mm .
We are equipped to supply prototypes, unit parts or production series.

  A few examples:
Back-up rings, O-rings, valve seals, chevron packing, guide segments, bearings, bearing liners, casing seals, lip seal, bellows, compensators, scrapers, screws, balls, dip pipes… and your part.
Request for an estimate or advice for finished parts

To meet your needs as precisely as possible, please give us the following information in the "message" area of the form that can be accessed below :

- Size
- Plan to send in an attached file
- Material
- Quantity per order
- Quantity per year
- Desired delivery time
- Desired answer date
- Other comments

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