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Semi-finished products   

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Large stock in all sizes of pure or filled PTFE.
Cutting and machining upon request


Specialist in PTFE products since 1976, Isoflon is recognised as a privileged partner with industry.
The technical sales team has in-depth knowledge of these materials and is always available for your PTFE needs.
Thanks to our large stock of semi-finished products and our organisation’s flexibility,
you will also benefit from our fast reactivity for delivery times.

Properties  |   Top of page

PTFE –polytetrafluorethylene – is unique in its extraordinary properties.
It is commonly known under the brand names Hostaflon®, Algoflon® Fluon®, etc...

Pure virgin PTFE

High resistance to high and low temperatures (+260° C in continuous operation), thanks to a 327°C melting point, non-combustible and a good heat insulator.
Extremely low coefficient of friction, anti adhesive and non-wettable surface, wear resistance adapted with the addition of fillers such as glass, carbon or graphite.
Excellent chemical resistance to all products (except molten alkaline metals and certain highly reactive fluorinated agents), no moisture absorption and good weather resistance.
Physiologically inert and innocuous for food.
Good electrical insulator, with high surface resistivity, good resistance to electric arcs and very low electric losses.


Filled PTFE

Certain PTFE properties can be improved by mixing pure PTFE powders and certain fillers such as glass, graphite, carbon, bronze, stainless steel, mos², ceramics, calcium fluoride, ekonol, nickel and metal oxides: VX1 and Rulon®, etc.


Delivery programme  |   Top of page

Caution! The tolerances and weights indicated correspond to pure PTFE.
See the
filled PTFE density table.


Moulded sheets
Optional : all sheets can be supplied with 1 or 2 sides treated with an adhesive.
Skived tapes
The tapes are offered as indicated in the attached size table with pure virgin PTFE; for filled PTFE tapes, ask us for confirmation of the sizes and tolerances.
Optional: all belts can be supplied with 1 or 2 sides etched for bonding.
Extruded rods
Optional : the extruded rods can be supplied rectified upon request.
Moulded rods
Extruded tubes
Moulded tubes

Light wall tubes  |   Top of page

These tubes are made with fluoropolymers such as PTFE , FEP, PFA, MFA, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE.

They have the exceptional properties of fluorinated compounds:
- excellent anti-adhesion
- very strong chemical resistance
- high working temperature
- very good dielectric properties.


The most common applications concern the transfer of liquids, electrical insulation, improved sliding and corrosion protection.
Optional: these tubes can be pigmented or certain properties can be improved with the addition of fillers.
Upon request: these tubes can be cut to your length or formed according to your specifications .


Heat-shrinkable tubing   |   Top of page

These tubes are made of PTFE , FEP, PFA and MFA which retract when heated to a certain temperature.

They have the excellent properties of fluoropolymers and can also be used for hermetic sealing against air and moisture.

The most common applications are anti-corrosion protection, anti-adhesion sheathing and electrical insulation.

Shrinking rates, implementation temperatures, diameters and lengths are variables depending on the materials: Isoflon is at your service for all information concerning your application.

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