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Conveyor belts  

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Conveyor belts
General characteristics

Our conveyor belts have the exceptional properties of our TISOFLON® fabrics: non-stick surface, dimensional stability, resistance to temperature and corrosive substances.
The choice of the type of TISOFLON®, full or with open mesh, depends on the belt’s working constraints: load, speed, temperature, product transported, size of the belt, type of guiding and driving systems.
With these elements, we will advise you and can custom produce your conveyor belts in our workshops to meet your specifications.

Examples of applications   |   Top of page

Heatshrink tunnels for packaging, baking or freezing for the food industry, rubber vulcanisation, IR or UV tunnels for screen printing, drying or thermofusing for textiles, convoyance of sticking products, production of PU foam plates or PVC slabs, continuous welding with plastic film for packaging, non-woven sheet material, drying of powders or pigments …

ISOFLON service   |   Top of page

Fast and customized production
ISOFLON can produce your conveyor belt according to your own size, splice and guiding specifications. Our specialists are at your service to help you to define your belt. ISOFLON guarantees short production times, or even express deliveries in case of replacement or repairs on an existing belt, so as to reduce production downtime.

Splices and reinforcements for guides and drive with rivets or profile in Kevlar® braid    |  Top of page    

Recommendation for conveyor belt assembly   |  Top of page  


Supplementary products  |  Top of page

PTFE soldering iron

This easy-to-use manual device enables you to weld on our TISOFLON® conveyor belt when your setup requires on-site assembly . It enables you to intervene immediately for repairs.


Welding wire

These nickel-chromium resistances are available in reels, bare or with a Fluoropolymer non-stick coating, in various diameters or sections.

PTFE aerosols

These are used as non-stick agents on all kinds of moulds, as dry lubricants on all slippery surfaces or as a temporary protection against chemical corrosion.
Working temperature – 100° + 200°C

Polyester mesh and fabrics   |   Top of page

Maximum working temperature: 150°C , in humid environment, 70°C . They can be used in contact with food. They resist most solvents. These products are commonly used for drying in the food processing, screen printing and textile industries.

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